You Have to Get Yourself Some Oxygen First

Flight attendants have this figured out. That’s why when you are flying with a small child you are instructed to put the oxygen mask on yourself first if there is an emergency, then put a mask on your child. You see, if you don’t get some oxygen first, you may not be conscious to take care of your child. Contrary to the popular belief that you must constantly be self-sacrificing to be a good parent, taking care of yourself is also extremely important. If you are not getting enough self care, you won’t be a very patient or effective parent.

News Flash: You are the one who has the responsibility to make sure your battery is charged.When was the last time one of your children said to you, “Hey mom, you look tired. You should go take a break while we clean this place up?”  It actually isn’t the responsibility of your children to make sure you are OK. That is your job. That’s why it’s called self care.

Try to schedule some self care in to your busy life this week. You may have to ask for help to accomplish this. THAT IS OK! Take a walk or a relaxing bath. Take a nap. Go out with your spouse or with a friend. Spend some time on a favorite hobby. What sounds wonderful to you? Do it and breath deep! Oxygen is amazing.

4 thoughts on “You Have to Get Yourself Some Oxygen First

  1. I love this. When I was first a mother I needed to sleep when my baby did to just survive. As she got older I started feeling guilty that I was still napping when she did. However I realized one day that if taking that nap is what I wanted to do with my time during her nap and if I felt like it was making me a better mother then I shouldn’t feel guilty!

    My hobbies are different than many of my friends so I always question if they are as valuable. I don’t like crafting, sewing, or playing the piano. I do love reading recipes. Once I gave myself permission to accept that that is a real hobby I have found so much joy and rejuvenation in my random hobby of reading recipes!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So true. Take care of yourself, evaluate and strengthen your own foundations so you can help others. I used the oxygen mask anology last week in a presentation I gave!

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